Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Airship Nightingale

The Airship Nightingale
Captain: Ian Kharos
Luxury Dining Ship

The Nightingale is small luxury airship built for the enjoyment of the nobility. The frame of the Nightingale is made from a very light metal that has the beautiful green patina of brass. The entire length of the ship is no more than thirty feet long with two decks. 

The Gas Cell is one large gas envelope set above the rest of the ship and is held to the ship by a large arm made from the same metal as the rest of the frame. The envelope is made from a heavy fabric the color of aged parchment and is held to the ship by thick mooring ropes tied fore, middle and aft. 

The shorter lower deck is a galley where fine meals are made by the ships halfling cook Simonette Marbury. Mrs. Marbury is a wonderful cook, particularly renowned for her tarts and sweetmeats, which she serves to her patrons after every meal. 

The main deck is covered in warm hardwoods and delicate brass-green filigrees. However, as beautiful as these are, the main focus of the main compartment is its massive oak dining table and six surrounding chairs. The legs of the table and chairs are detailed carvings of clouds and tiny intricate birds. The birds when examined closely are Nightingales, in homage of the ship, or perhaps giving it its name. The tall ladder backed chairs have a similar pattern embroidered into their cushions in lush reds and golds. 

Completing the main deck of the ship is the prow. The prow of the ship is completely surrounded by plush couches and pillows which allow the courtly nobles a comfortable seat on which to enjoy the beautiful view of the sky, or even the land far below for those who have a head for heights. This beautiful view is afforded by the large bay windows which surround the entire main deck. 

Captain Ian Kharos is a good looking man of average height and athletic build. Dark brown hair and eyes with an olive complexion. Captain Kharos always dresses in a pristine captains uniform with its deep blues and crisp whites. He always looks impeccable for his patrons. He also always stands at the captains wheel at the stern of the main deck. The 

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