Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Orrin Osbert
Not only am I a DM and avid game enthusiast, I am also an artist.  Above is the image of an old long running character of mine named Orrin Osbert that I drew some time ago. Orrin was a young fighter out to prove himself to his father who thought him a rogue (of the classical sense) and a dandy. Just thought I would share some of my artwork.

Question: Would any one be interested in seeing some of my other artwork?  It is not all game inspired, but some is, and some inspired some of my game design concepts.


  1. I'm surprised you haven't been approached to do some work for other people, that's fantastic, and puts every doodle I've ever done to shame. So, yes, lets see some more.

  2. That is a very, very nice piece.

    I'd love to see more of your work.

  3. I'm still waiting to hear about a show here in town with your work!