Monday, June 4, 2012

My first time

3rd edition Players Handbook

It was in 9th grade that I had my first experience with role playing games.  This first experience was with the first printing of 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons.  That first game session was played in my friends bedroom, over the course of a three day weekend. It was myself, and my friends Robert and Jeff. Jeff was the Dungeon Master, since he had played the game before. Jeff had a couple pre-generated characters for me and Robert to play, myself the unnamed Elven Ranger, Robert the spell slinging wizard.

We started play Friday evening and played well into the wee hours of Saturday morning before we all eventually passed out, only to wake a few hours later, ready to continue the journey (oh the boundless energy of youth!)  

We ended up playing all of Saturday, leveling several times (our first time DM was generous with XP) and getting used to the mechanics of the game.

There were goblins, bar fights, skeletons and zombies (and goblin zombies). Whispers of powerful necromancers and hints of vampires.

Three days we played, nearly nonstop.  It was glorious. The battles were epic and the fun was intense. It was a great introduction to what became a (so far) life-long hobby and passion for games and the fantasy genre in general.  

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