Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In search of inspiration

Hello Dear Readers,

searching for inspiration
I am in search of some inspiration.  I am currently bringing out some old game and world building notes and I am slowly transferring them into digital format on my laptop. But I am also trying to weed out those notes and snippets that would be boring to you, the reader. I have a few segments that have been popular or at least consistently readable on this blog, including Trying on a new skin, What's in your haversack and my Verdenheim segments. What I am looking for is some topics for new posts or new subjects for my current segments. 

Has there been a character who you have wanted to take a peek in their haversack?  Let me know
Is there a monster you would like to see with a new spin? Let me know
Do you have an idea for a Verdenheim location or a question about that world? Let me know
Have an idea for a new segment you think I could do? Let me know

I am happy to do posts on any of these.  Just let me know. Tell me what you like and what you don't like.  I am writing this blog for my own enjoyment, but I like making sure my readers are satisfied as well.  

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