Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's in your haversack?

Dietrich Oldstrong is a lieutenant in the Longcoats, the private paramilitary force of the Sorceress Queen. In his latest mission he has been sent to investigate a disturbance in the small Dukuesne town called Scranton. With him has brought the following in his haversack:
  • Traveling cloak
  • Riding saber
  • Medals and knots of rank
  • Scroll case, with maps and orders
  • Letters of writ from the Sorceress Queen
  • Pouch of gold and silver
  • Identification and traveling documents
  • Ink, wax candles, and signet ring (the signet ring is a belt of leather  with a crooked arm in the center)
  • Travel rations
  • Manacles


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