Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey, I know you! Bertram Rone

EDIT: I failed to mention in the original post that characters I post in the "Hey, I know you" segment are based upon characters from sources in the real world, such as movies and books. This segment will do two things.  1. Give you something to do for two minutes, and 2. highlight characters from other sources so that you can see how to incorporate them into your game, instead of spending time trying to come up with a completely new personae for every NPC in your game

Bertram Rone is a retired adventurer and collector of ancient artifacts and bizarre objects. Rone once saved a damsel from the clutches of an evil cult who were about to sacrifice her to a demonic fire god. He at one point searched for the phylactery of a Good Lich who sought to bring peace and healing to the land.  When a comrade was fatally wounded during the battle to gain the phylactery, Bertram healed his comrade with the miraculous powers of the phylactery and lost it forever.

When Bertram retired from a life of adventuring he opened a museum where he displayed his collection of unusual and ancient objects. He also taught young adventurers and scholars what to look for when exploring hidden and ancient ruins, and how to solve the puzzles and traps that frequently protect these places. 

So readers, tell me, who is Bertram Rone?  This one should be easy


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  2. I should elaborate. The "Hey, I know you!" segments are PCs in a game world that are based on characters in books and movies from the real world. You don't need to be a gamer per se, just be familiar with popular and/or geek culture