Monday, April 9, 2012

What's in your haversack?

I am going to post a What's in your haversack? for today's letter, H, in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Tyvern Wernithal is a human barbarian hailing from the plains North of the Tadrat Desert.  Tyvern was exiled from his tribe for a dishonorable fight he was in, with a man he believed his wife had been with while he was on a hunt. Tyvern was enraged and resulted to some nasty tricks which he normally would not have.  As a result Tyvern was taken captive and stripped of his personal possessions. Once this was done he was given provisions and was sent into the desert expected to cross the desert and return with a rock from the valley of the ancestors on the other side to prove his worthiness to return to the tribe.  He has made it across the desert to the valley of the ancestors and retrieved his stone.  He is now in middle of the desert on his return journey.  Let us look in his haversack and see what he has...

In Tyverns haversack you find...

  • 3 Waterskins (1 empty, 1 full, 1 almost empty)
  • A stone from the Valley of Ancestors
  • Shortbow, horn
  • Unused bowstring
  • Used bowstring, still serviceable
  • Hunting dagger
  • Tribal necklace, which he must carry but not wear
  • Rations
  • Jackrabbit carcass
  • 2 jackrabbit skins
  • Rattle from a rattlesnake 
  • tortoise shell, small, used as bowl
  • small clay jug with firewater (traded with a caravan merchant for some turquoise found in the Valley of Ancestors)
  • Iron rod, one hand long, pitted from sand and weather.  Use unknown, hums and vibrates when held.  Also found in the Valley of Ancestors


  1. You've used amazing detail in this list of items in his haversack. Way to go. That's really getting into the heart of the story. I did that once, in a futuristic story I wrote with co-writer Edith Parzefall. My heroine took out all her meagre possessions and laid them on the bedding. It lets the reader see what she carries with her on the long trek.


  2. The old conundrum of "what is in my backpack" vs endurance rules!