Friday, April 20, 2012

Q is for the Questioners

The Children of  the Light from The Wheel of Time are a religiously oriented military group disparagingly called Whitecloaks due to their characteristic white cloaks.  To most the Whitecloaks are mistrusted and feared due to their religious persecution and hunting of so called "Darkfriends".  But among the Children of the Light are a sect that are looked at askance and feared even by other Whitecloaks for their unchecked zeal and questionable methods.  This group is The Hand of the Light, also called Quesitoners.

The Hand of the Light are referred to as Questioners because when a darkfriend is found (or suspected of being found) they are handed over to the Questioners and they are "put to the question". In other words they are tortured into revealing their secrets, admitting they are darkfriends and repenting their crimes.  However, many believe that innocents are interrogated as well and are forced to admit to being a darkfriend simply to stop being tortured.  It is said that once a Questioner makes up his mind about your guilt there is no changing it. 

This group, along with the real world group that inspired them, The Inquisitors have lead to the development of a similar group in my worlds of Atlas and Verdenheim, called The Ministry of Light and The Holy Knights of the Creator. 


  1. I've put the wheel of time on my audiobook queue:)
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  2. Not a gamer myself. I think my son (13) might speak the language though. :) I like what you've done with your blog, it's intriquing.

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