Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Paladine

Paladine, known as The Platinum Dragon, Draco Paladin, Valiant Warrior, E’li, Platinum Father and Thak the Hammer, is the leader of the Gods of Good in the Dragonlance books, by Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  Throughout the series we see Paladine most often in his human avatar, Fizban the Fabulous, the bumbling wizard who started the Heroes of the Lance on their grand adventure.  Much like Gandalf, Fizban is seen as a mentor and guide, but unlike Gandalf who it known to be powerful and intelligent, Fizban is a bumbling fool who constantly pushes the characters into more trouble instead of leading them to solutions.  

In the night sky above Krynn Paladine can be seen as the constellation Platinum Dragon, and during the War of the Lance his constellation is missing from the night sky as he is physically on Krynn indirectly preparing the forces of good to fight the forces of Takhisis.

At the end of the War of Souls Paladine gave up his divine status and power to become a Mortal Elf named Valthonis.  Paladine gave up his godhood in order to maintain the balance of good and evil in the universe when Takhisis was forced to become mortal by the other gods; Good, Neutral and Evil.

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