Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Oy!

Oy! is the pet and member of the Ka-Tet of Nineteen and/or Ninety Nine in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Oy is what is called a billy-bumbler, a creature that resembles a combination of badger, raccoon, and dog, with a long and graceful neck.  Oy is described to have large, gold-rimmed eyes which are intelligent, even for a bumbler, which are known to have a limited speaking ability, similar to that of a parrot. Oy's voice sounds "low and deep, almost a bark; the voice of an English footballer with a bad cold in his throat."

Oy becomes more emotional and intelligent than other bumblers and this is remarked upon by the other member of the Ka-tet several times.  Oy is a constant source of amusement through out the series and often lightens the moods of the ka-tet. 

Eventually Oy is killed by one of the arch nemeses of the Ka-tet of Nineteen and/or Ninety Nine, Mordred.  Mordred is also the son of Roland Deschain, both of whom will be discussed in tomorrow's post R is Roland (and Rand) along with Rand al'Thor of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

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  1. Hello! I haven't read Stephen King's Dark Tower series yet. That and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is on my to-read list!

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