Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for the Fountain of Youth

Immortality.  That is the end goal for many villains.  There are many roads to the fabled state of immortality.  Lich-dom being one. The Fountain of Youth is another. The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring or well with waters that miraculously restore the lost youth of the drinker. Throughout time there have been several proposed locations of the fountain.  One location, proposed by Herodotus was the land of the Ethiopians, which explained their uncanny longevity. In The Travels of Sir John Mandeville the Fountain of Youth is located at the foot of a mountain outside Polombe, which is modern day Kollam.   Possibly the most famous supposed locations for the fountain are the mythical Caribbean island of Bimini and somewhere in Florida, possibly the Everglades.

The waters are said to cure disease and reverse the aging process, returning the person drinking the water to their physical prime.  These restorative powers were so great that an aged man in his twilight years could drink of, or bathe in, the waters of the Fountain and be restored so entirely that he could return to the hunt, take a new young wife and beget more children.  Some say there is a difference in whether you drink or bathe in the water of the fountain, claiming that bathing in the water would restore your youth, while drinking would cripple or even kill you. Bad guys beware. 

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