Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Seven Wonders of Verdenheim: The Chancel at Cinisula

Cinisula is a large isle between The Commala Rice Fields and Nemorosus.  Most of Cinisula is a desert with forested areas along the coast. High up on the solitary mountain of Cinisula rises the ruins of the Chancel of Man.  Here men once lived and thrived, for the whole island was once a lush paradise with much to eat and drink.  Men grew arrogant and started praising and worshiping himself.  Eventually Man became so pompous that he built himself a temple at the very peak of the Mount.  This temple called the Chancel of Man was a grand structure.  Many spans tall and more wide.  The temple took up the entire peak of the Mount and dwarfed any temple to the three gods of Verdenheim any where on Cinisula.  The Gods were angered by this and in order to teach man a lesson the gods brought forth a drought that dried up all the fresh water, killed the vegetables and eventually drove away all animal life on the island. Soon Man could no longer sustain himself on the island and left.  When he left the Chancel of Man, now called the Cancel at Cinisula, was left whole, untouched by war or decay.  As grand as the day men left, but unseen for centuries.

These ruins, though not actually destroyed can be seen for miles, even from the coast on some parts of the isle. The pristine white walls echo the arrogance and past grandeur of man.  Many have set out to reach the walls of the Chancel of Man to find the treasures that are said to have been left when man abandoned the temple. Those who actually reach the walls (or say they do) come back with stories of an eerily abandoned city on the top of the Mount, and a single man, called the Great Omi in the Apse of the the Chancel.  The Great Omi is a monk and prophet in the Chancel of Man. He is aged beyond belief and tattooed from head to toe, which is apparent as he only wears a serviceable loin cloth and a loose open robe. The Great Omi has pointed teeth, which are said to be his heritage from a demonic ancestor from which he gains his prophetic powers. His eyes are also reported to glow red when he enters a trance and has a foretelling. 

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