Friday, March 23, 2012

What's in your haversack?

In this third post in the series What's in your haversack? we find our selves looking in the pack of Bachand Sendel, Cleric of Kord.  Bachand is not looking to go dungeoneering or adventuring, he is preparing to make a trip by horseback that will take a little over a month, at the end of which he will find himself on the edge of the unexplored regions of his country.  He is on a mission to find an appropriate spot to build a temple to the God of Athleticism, brawling and sports.  So what does one bring for such a mission? Let's see...

In Bachand's haversack you find:

  • Cleric's robes
  • Holy Symbol of Kord
  • Holy Tenets of Kord
  • A Greatsword (not actually in the haversack)
  • Hard tack and trail rations
  • Spectacles
  • Scroll/Map Case
  • Portable writing table with Quill and Ink
  • Letters of Writ from the Church of Kord
  • Church Blue Prints (which includes a meditative wrestling ring)
  • Hand Axe (for chopping wood not battle)
  • Potion of Bulls Strength
  • Bracers of Strength


  1. Is that a sonic screwdriver just to the left of the blue globe?

  2. no mule. no horse. it is a trip he must make on foot