Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's in your haversack?

This is the second in a series that deals with what gear a PC can/should have available depending on the situation.  Not every PC will have every piece of equipment that they need for every situation. Sometimes they will fall short.  My rule of thumb is to think about who your PC is and how it is they started in on their current adventure/encounter.  If you take into account that your PC may not be prepared for everything it makes for much more interesting game play, and increases the ingenuity of the players.
Some varied gear for the common adventurer
So what would my PC's have in their haversacks?  Let's take a look...
Elnok Callahan, human thief (level 2 Rogue) has heard of the riches stored within the walls of the governor's mansion.  He has also recently heard of the corruption of the governor and has decided this is a very good reason to relieve the governor of his riches. He has prepared himself for this daring night time raid. 
In Elnok's haversack you find:

  • Haversack/satchel
  • MW lockpicks
  • Thieves Tools (including oils, files, etc)
  • Soft leather boots (for sneaking)
  • Black gloves
  • Stiletto dagger
  • Throwing Daggers
  • Twine / Trap triggers
  • Small lantern (with bulls-eye cover) 
  • Calling Card (a scrap of lamb skin with an eye burned into it, Elnok's symbol) just for flair, left in place of the stolen goods
Elnok is not prepared for a long overland journey, as he does not have so much as a waterskin with him, let alone trail rations, rope, walking stick or the like.  While he may not be prepared for overland travel, it makes for a much more interesting tale when Elnok needs to bargain with some desert nomads for some water, as he has not had anything to quench his thirst for several days after nearly being caught by the corrupt governors gaurds and being teleported at the last moment to the middle of the desert by the magic mirror hidden in the governors secret chamber in the basement of the mansion. 

So, now that you know what Elnok has in his haversack, tell me, What is in your haversack?

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