Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trying on a New Skin: Mephits and Sand Spirits

What is reskinning?  Simply put it is when you take one creature and describe it differently.  You leave the stats the same, so you can run it them same if you wish, but with the creature looking completely different you have a completely new creature.

Salt Mephit

Mephits are minor creatures from the elemental planes.
All mephits appear as small, winged creatures with more or less humanoid features. While they are often described as impish, 
their elemental origins are apparent at first glance. Salt mephits are sarcastic creatures who loathe water and moisture of any kind. Each one is about 4 feet tall and weighs about 80 pounds.

Sand Monster from Lauren K Cannon
Sand Spirits

A humanoid creature stands in front of you. At first you mistake it for a scarecrow of sorts, a man shaped pile of sand and sharp rocks meant to scare off the carrion birds of the desert. But then it moves toward you.  Sand constantly falls off its body, falling from the inhuman arms and head, replaced by the sand it picks up as it moves along the desert floor. As you watch it in terror, a beetle scurries across its face and into one of the depressions that can only be its eye sockets. As you stand there it comes closer and you are suddenly parched.  Your mouth is bone dry and you can feel your skin grow tight as is it dries out in the dryness and heat emanating from this creature.

Sand spirits stand about 5 1/2 feet tall and are roughly humanoid in shape, with a head, torso, and two arms. Occasionally the legs separate to form two legs, but most of the time they are a solid mass of sand and stone that melds with the desert floor. When the Sand spirit is threatened it roars at its target and send a furnace blast of heat with sand and shards of stone. Sand spirits are the remnants of ancient desert shaman who bonded their souls with the desert itself.  


  1. Great adaption of theme. The sand spirit is nicely creepy.

  2. Would you allow a cleric to turn a sand spirit?

  3. I thought about that, and considering I made it a sort of undead, I have to say yes. Otherwise, if you treat it as a monster on its own, then absolutely not