Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Seven Wonders of Verdenheim: The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a temple on the edge of the Chasm, dedicated to all three Gods, Woten, Vili and Ve. There is a tile mosaic on the floor of the temple that resembles a complicated labyrinth that it is said no one has ever finished. It is rumored that if you complete the labyrinth then you will be rewarded with great riches.
The path is dirt and dust covered ivory and obsidian tiles, just wide enough to walk single file.  Once the maze is begun there is no backtracking.  If you turn around to retrace your steps the path has changed, and you must go back to the beginning.
This mystical occurrence has brought many adventurers, puzzle seekers and travelers. The Labyrinth sees a steady stream of visitors every year, but not many are known to make it to the center of the maze with out cheating.  While the Labyrinth sees many faces and feet every year, none stay to care for the temple. 
The tile floor maze is magically enchanted so when beat a hidden trapdoor in the center of the maze unlocks and opens for the person who completed the maze. The secret door leads to a winding stair case that descends hundreds of feet, eventually letting out far below into the true Labyrinth within the Chasm. At the center of the true Labyrinth lies the fabled Minotaur.  There are only two ways to defeat the Minotaur once encountered, answer his three riddles and be rewarded, or defeat him in combat. Once the Minotaur is defeated a path is opened out of the Labyrinth (Player choice determines whether that path leads back to the stair case and the world above, or out into the Chasm).

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