Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Seven Wonders of Verdenheim: The Falls of the Fathers

You reach the edge of Maur Lake, a vast lake fed by the raging waterfalls called the Falls of the Fathers. The Falls are are three tier set of waterfalls that lie due east of Maur Lake.  Each tier of the falls are an impressive height of two hundred seventy five feet.  The top most tier of the falls holds a single statue, nearly 50 feet tall.  It is the the likeness of King Vasilis, the first high king of Mauritan. 

The Second Tier of the Falls of the Fathers is adorned with the likenesses of the two Merchant Kings, Adalhard and Ferdinand, who helped Vasilis found the kingdom of Mauritan.  Of a height with the statue of Vasilis, the two statues look up to him in approval. 

The third and lowest tier of the Falls hold the three statues of the Roadmaker Princes.  Appius, Hodos, and Itiner look down to their feet where lies the road they helped to create and which connect all the nations of Verdenheim.  These three statues are accessible by any who wish to take a walk on Roadmaker's Bridge, which spans the distance between the shores on either side of the falls and passes at the feet of the Roadmaker Princes.  It is a widely practiced superstition for travelers to walk Roadmaker's Bridge and kiss each of the feet of the Roadmaker Princes for good luck and weather on their travels. 

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