Monday, March 5, 2012

Racing toward your own execution

Niven Souflikar is the royal executioner and lover of the Queen of the realm.  Niven wears the hood of the executioner and the black apron of a butcher.  When a criminal is convicted of a crime and sentenced to death that criminal is given the opportunity to race Niven through the Sanctuary. Though his apron should hamper him considerably, Niven is quite fit and can move swiftly through the maze.  Not only is he very quick footed, but he knows the best ways to reach the center of the maze in a very short time.

The sanctuary is a beautiful garden maze that only the nobility are normally allowed within.  The only time someone of the lower classes is ever allowed in the Sanctuary is for the Race. In preparation for the race, the criminal is given a rough copy of the layout of the maze and can plan his route to the very center of the maze.  If The criminal is able to make it to the center of the maze before Niven, his life is spared and he is banished instead.

However, if Niven beats the criminal to the center of the maze, the criminal is executed.  This is not done in the traditional manner, with a headsman's ax, but instead with a thin garrote wire.  The criminal is slowly strangled to death, while a collection of nobility stand around and spectate.  If Nevin thinks the criminal will die too quickly he will lessen his pressure with the wire and thrash him about, allowing him to struggle, after all he doesn't want the show to end to quickly.  He is ever the consummate showman.

Once the criminal has died the body is thrown into the river which runs through the Sanctuary.  The body is washed away down river and once out of the Sanctuary the body is collected and either buried or sold on the black market. Neither of which concern the nobility in the slightest.  

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