Friday, March 2, 2012

On Dragons

On the subject of dragons I am torn.  While on the one hand I love the iconic creatures Dungeons & Dragons presents, on the other I think most of the time they are a little much. Sometimes I don't want my PC's to wait until 15th level or higher to say they have fought a dragon. That is why in my game there are Dragons and the True Dragon.

Dragons are large flying reptiles from the tropical regions of the world, primarily from the Tropics of the Chasm.  Many myths tell tale of extremely intelligent Dragons who breathe fire and cast spells, and adventurers the world over have gone in search of them and never returned. There are other tales that say dragons are no smarter than a horse and can be used as a pack animal or even a mount.

In reality Dragons are tropical predators who are very very difficult to catch, let alone tame enough to ride. They are not magical and do not breathe fire. They do, however, occasionally hoard treasure. Dragons often dine on the unwary traveler and are attracted by bright and shinny objects such as metal weapons and armor as well as coin. When the Dragons dines on these unfortunate people, it will gather the shiniest bits or treasure in its mouth and pile it in its cave or den. Which is typically near by.  These dragons are lithe creatures with four appendages. Two back legs and two wings, each of which has a clawed hand that they can walk on and climb with. Their scales vary from emerald green to mottled brown. They have keen eyes of a brilliant yellow and superb sense of smell. Their tales can be as long as twice the length of their bodies which can be as small as a pony to as big as a buffalo. 

The True Dragon exists on the other side of Verdenheim. The True Dragon is highly intelligent and has the magical ability to breathe fire and cast magic like in the legends. This dragon is much bigger than the standard non-magical dragons, said to be 65 feet long or bigger. Often referred to as The Red Dragon, this dragon is also green in color with red in its scales, has six appendages, four powerful legs, and two enormous bat like wings. The Red Dragon lives on the other side of Verdenheim, near or even in Yggdrasil the world tree. The Red Dragon also hoards treasure, like its mundane cousins on the other side. However, it maintains this treasure hoard for much the same reason as men amass wealth. Greed. It will use this treasure to hire less intelligent creatures to do its bidding and to buy certain items if it does not wish to bother itself with taking the item by sheer strength and power. 

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