Sunday, March 4, 2012

Obsidian Portal

What is Obsidian Portal? From the Obsidian Portal "About" page:
"Obsidian Portal is a content management site for tabletop role playing games. Rather than trying to automate the playing of the game, Obsidian Portal provides tools to help manage your game and your gaming group."
Obsidian Portal is a wiki site that allows you to create not only your characters, but your entire game world in one place.  OP is a wonderful tool that makes it easy for GMs/DMs to keep track of everything from what their PCs are carrying to the goals and motivations of the NPCs.  Depending on the level of detail you want you can spend the time coding and making intricate beautiful layouts or simple data dumps on a page with links and info only.  Its up to you.

Obsidian Portal user Spotlight: Vstraydogstrutv who has encouraged me on this little blog and even spotlighted it on his "campaign" Shared Creations. Thanks Vstray

The beauty is that you have the option to do that. You can create two campaigns under the free version and an unlimited number of campaigns under the same user when you become Ascendant.  You can upload maps, pictures and more to your wiki and embedding pictures is pretty easy.  Along with the forum options and ease of use, this website is amazing.

I am currently using OP to build my campaign world Verdenheim, which I reference here regularly.  It is a great way to organize all the information I have amassed/created for this world.  While I do not currently have time enough to actually run a weekly or even monthly game, I can go back to OP whenever and add to or edit the information already there.  I have never had a campaign world so rich with detail created by myself before having this wonderful organization tool.

I believe that the most beneficial aspect of this site however is not in its functionality, but in the community on the forums and its Campaign of the Month.  The people on the forums are a wonderful source of information both on gaming and on coding for the website. Also, they are offer great inspiration and encouragement that all GMs/DMs should have.

While this review is not as eloquent as some, nor was it solicited in any way it is a completely heart felt recommendation for a wonderful tool and website, the best I have yet come across.


  1. Obsidian Portal is sliced bread and a better mousetrap all rolled into one. A powerful, elegant tool.

  2. Excellent review. I shall be looking into this once I've set out some basics for my RQ campaign world.

  3. I have found the Obsidian Portal to be an excellent tool for managing my campaign. It allows the players to get involved in helping to build the campaign world.