Friday, March 16, 2012

The Creation of Verdenheim

Ysir, The Father of All, was the first being in existence. He was a giant who begot three sons, Woten, Vili, and Ve. When Ysir died his sons took his body and created Verdenheim. From his blood they created the oceans. From his flesh they created the earth. From his bones they created the mountains and hills. From his hair they created the trees. From his teeth and broken bones they created rocks and boulders. From his mind they took the spirits of the first Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

Ve and The Elves
Ve seeing the beauty in the Elf spirit took it and formed the Elves from the beautiful hair of his father from which he made the trees. Ve took the Elves and showed them the beauty he had made in the world and charged them with protecting and preserving this beauty.

Vili and the Dwarves
Vili took the strongest of the spirits and crafted a body for it out of the Mountains, the bones of his father, creating the DwarvesVili took the Dwarves and showed them the secret places of the world hidden deep within the ground and the mountains. Vili taught the dwarves to revere the stone of the mountains, the bones of the Father of All. He taught them how to take his fathers bones and craft them into their liking using fire.

Woten and The Humans
Woten took the human spirit and crafted a body using the broken bones and hair of his father, infusing it with his fathers blood to bring it life and mortality. Eventually Woten fell in love with one of his creations and fathered a child with a human woman. They named the child Torn, and when Torn would scream, thunder would roll, and when Torn cried, rain poured from the heavens.

Ysir’s dreams
Ysir’s dreams escaped and the first magicks entered the world. Magic became ingrained in humans and elves, while leaving the dwarves untouched deep under the ground as they were. Magic creatures sprang up from the remains ofYsirYsir’s toenails became the Frost Giants. The drops of his sweat became all manner of magical beast. And his Shadow became the dreaded goblins and orcs.
Torn, The Sonders and The Frost Giants
Torn did the same as his father, Woten, and fell in love with a human woman. With her he fathered many sons, fathering the human race of the Sonders. After centuries of living among the humans he loved so much, the Frost Giants invaded their land and killed many of Torn’s people. Torn then trained the remaining Sonder men to be great warriors and lead them in an assault against the Frost Giants. With his command of thunder and lightning they vanquished the Frost Giants, driving them back to their homeland, Isheima (Ees-hime-a). The Sonder’s have ever after been a warrrior people bred to fight the Frost Giants should they ever return.
Woten's Blessing
May the Blessings of Woten reach you, no matter far or wide you travel

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