Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Seven Wonders of Verdenheim: Woodhall

The wood has progressively become denser, gently but firmly herding you to this one path, surprisingly clear of brush or debris.  Suddenly, you realize you are in a corridor made of the trunks of trees so closely grown as to form a solid wall. Down this strange wood corridor there is the soft orange glow of firelight. 

As you approach the firelight you hear melodic voices and song.  As you come to the end of the corridor you enter into a room as strange as any as you have ever seen.  The trees extend out to the sides opening into a large room, a hall really.  Fifty feet wide and twice as many long.  Strewn about this hall are small hillocks with mossy caps and felled logs, many with an elf perched upon them.  Some speak among themselves, others sing beautiful ballads while others still just sit back and listen.

A handful of younger elves around a small wood fire close by look up and smile at your amazement.  One of this group, a beautiful elf lass, stands and approaches you.  She extends her hand in welcome.  "Be at peace and take a respite, welcome to Woodhall, stranger."

Woodhall is a large opening in the forest. The massive oaks spread their branches and leaves forming a vast canopy overhead. The trees are so close they form solid walls and create pillars running the length of the hall. The effect is much like the grand halls of man but seemingly natural. Woodhall is nothing short of magnificent and beautiful. Rocks and logs and small hillocks form benches and seats to either side while a forest path runs straight and true down the middle of Woodhall like an aisle in a building. Woodhall is a beautiful place shaped and cared for by the elves near the Elfenbend

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